Monday, May 31, 2010

This is it #1


I'm graduating college next week. I'm going to spend the next week and a half blogging images from the archives. When I leave for LOOKBetween next week, I'm planning on not using this blog any longer and launching a new one fully integrated into my website. College is over. It's time for change.

2/24/08: I will walk calmly into the night.

She was out of town for the weekend, back home for her grandmother's funeral. A cold, cold February night, Andrew invited me to a party on Smith St. I didn't go out much that year, so some change was nice. The next morning, he and I went for a drive through the lesser known suburbs above Athens off of Richland Ave., and back down the hill, across town and up Rt. 13 towards Chauncey. We hung out a lot that spring, washing down Avalanche pizza with High Life and watching movies in his closet of a dorm on South Green.

I don't have photographs of that. I didn't quite grasp the importance of how imagery is directly correlated to our memories, sustaining things that might be forgotten. However, this image will suffice because to me emotionally, it represents something far greater than a couple holding hands on their walk home.


Anonymous June 1, 2010 at 2:18 PM  

Sheeeeee Burrzzzzzz



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