Monday, December 13, 2010

The Magic City | A Steady Drip

A while back, Andrew Kornylak contacted me to see if I'd like to contribute a piece to his independent publishing platform, A Steady Drip.

I decided to pull together some images from my work in Glouster, Ohio, that was recently recognized by the CPOY contest with an Award of Excellence in Documentary.

A little overview on the project: Once known as The Magic City, Glouster was a hub for extractive industries in Southeastern Ohio. A region once known for its large coal deposits, the economy was also rooted in clay, timber and potash extraction as well as brick and shale production.
After nearly 150 years of massive success, these industries trickled out through the 1950's and 1960's after stripping the region of its resources. 50 years later, the town of Glouster, Ohio is a shadow of its former self. With little opportunity for local employment, many have to commute to neighboring cities for work.
What's left behind is a strong sense of pride in the face of a struggling Appalachian community. Many don't want to leave, and those that do often find their way back home.




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